We combine knowledge, experience, and compassion to help clients residing in New York State, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut

We have legal and professional experience obtaining and securing Social Security disability benefits for deserving injured and disabled clients. We combine knowledge, experience, and compassion to help clients residing in New York State, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

Starting the application process …this can be a daunting task to anyone, more so when you are disabled.

Applying for Social Security disability benefits (SSDB) can be quite frustrating and daunting to anyone but it is even more difficult when you are disabled. The entire process of an appeal is different than the initial application. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has your initial application reviewed by a New York State agency. This agency uses a disability examiner and a medical doctor, but these people do not see you. They make their decision based only on the documents in your Social Security file. We take the worry and burden by personally meeting face to face with the client, obtaining all necessary information and filing our clients claim by using the electronic internet application process.

The process:
(1) Meeting face to face with our client.
(2) Obtaining pertinent and relevant information.
(3) Gathering documentation and evidence for presentation to Social Security (SSA).
(4) Filing our client’s claim using the electronic internet application process.
(5) If necessary, filing an appeal should our client receive an unfavorable decision.
(6) Filing an electronic internet appeal requesting a court date to be heard by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).
(7) Representing our client at the Administrative hearing.

Government statistics show that at least 65% of applications are initially denied. Do not to give up, because the success rate for appeals is much better. However, we feel that it is important not to be a statistic. The best advice we can give to anyone seeking to file for SSD benefits is to hire an attorney as early as possible. Let your attorney begin the medical development and document your medical illness. Your attorney should be involved with the details of your case from day one. Having a knowledgeable and experienced attorney will give you peace of mind. More importantly, the attorney will only receive a fee once he/she wins your case.

We prefer to meet clients as soon as possible, before the client has filed the application for Social Security disability benefits, so that we can get the case started on the right foot. However, we will pick up your case at any stage, even after denial of an appeal. Let us help you through this difficult period in your life. We want you to receive the disability benefits that you are entitled to and clearly deserve.

Top 10 Reasons why you should hire an experienced attorney:

(1) Don’t be a statistic.
(2) The attorney only gets paid when the attorney wins your case and you receive benefits.
(3) Navigating the bureaucratic red-tape of SSA.
(4) No upfront fees to you.
(5) No hidden costs.
(6) Meeting with SSA staff so you do not have to.
(7) Conference your case with an SSA staff attorney.
(8) If you are denied the attorney will appeal your case.
(9) Filing an appeal in Federal District Court. (If your case is denied beyond the administrative level only a licensed attorney can file your appeal in Federal Court.)
(10) Experience counts!

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